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Season 4: Episode 9: The Watcher on the Walls

Episode 8 The Mountain and The Viper Review
Traumatised is not the word. . . . . I am scared for life after watching Oberyn's death!! I knew it would be gruesome but I was not expecting that!! I think everyone was in shock after they saw it, but we'll deal with all of that in a moment.

First lets take a look at Arya and the Hound, they have finally reached the Vale only to find that Lysa is dead. Arya finds the fact, that each time they reach her family they wind up dead, hilarious! The Hound on the other hand doesn't really know how to respond!

Elsewhere Roose Bolton has seen fit to legitimise his bastard son Ramsay and make him an official Bolton. Now called Ramsay Bolton, Roose's son is still as insane as ever and I'm sure he will keep us entertained with his antics in episodes to come.

The Wildlings have attacked Mole Town and yet with all the stone cold, killers and fighters that are supposedly in the North, nobody seems to be doing anything t defend their towns from these Wildling attacks even though they have had warning about them. It's also quite astounding how the men at castleblack have not yet discovered how to defend themselves against the wildlings. . . . I mean it is towering over 700ft above them!!

Next we meet Sansa, those who have read the books will notice that the story has changed quiet a bit in the show, personally I think it's way more interesting. In the books we are left on a cliffhanger, after Lysa's death we don't really know what happens to Sansa. In this episode we saw an entirely different side to Sansa to what we are used too. Once a timid little idealist, who believed in fairytale endings and valiant knights, Sansa has finally come to learn what her father couldn't, when you play the game of thrones, you live or you die. When she later emerges before departing the Vale with Littlefinger and Robin, Sansa has dyed her hair black (and not too disguise herself as in the books) as a sign of a new beginning. For the first time, Sansa appears as if she may be someone who is regal and dangerous.

Over in the East, Daenerys has learned that good old Jorah was actually spying on her when they first met so that he could get a royal pardon. Dany is none to impressed and tells him she doesn't want him in her city, dead or alive!! We all know that Jorah stopped spying on her a long time ago and really does love her. So we feel kind of sorry for him when this happens. If only Dany could see what we can.

And finally the main event. . . The Mountain vs The Viper!! It is safe to say that the producers have outdone themselves with this scene, I was both horrified and captivated. I wanted to keep watching but yet I couldn't. Prince Oberyn was one of my favourite characters in the books, and I hoped and prayed that they would not change his character in the tv show like that have done with others. Someone answered my prayers because he was made nearly more of a legend than he was in the books.

Then he dies. Just when you think that he has defeated the Mountain and all is won. Ser Gregor rises and well literally squashes Oberyn with his bare hands! It's horrible to watch. Yet again we want a character to have justice we want him to win, just like we wanted Eddard to win against Cersei and Joffrey, like we wanted Robb to defeat the Lannisters, and we do not under any circumstances want to hear the Rains of Castamere, but we do, in the beginning of the episode.

Yet again, justice is not serves and our hero dies a horrible horrible death. Was it just me or was anyone else hoping and praying once again that they would change the story from the book and let him live? Then again this is one thing that makes Game of Thrones so different to other stories. . .nobody is safe.

Episode 9 The Watcher on The Walls Preview
Episode 8 is going to be hard to follow, with shocking death of the Viper, the prducers are really going to have to pull out all the stops for true Game of Thrones episode 9! We all know that the second last episode in the season has a big game changer at the end. In season 1 we saw Eddard Stark beheaded, in Season 2 it was the battle of the blackwater, and in Season 3 it was the Red Wedding. So what is season 4 going to bring us? Well from the trailer it seem's this episode is all about the Wall, the wildlings and The Nightswatch.

Much like last week's event's the battle at Castle Black has been much anticipated. After the scenes with the Mountain and the Viper, this episode has a lot to live up too. The Official synopsis doesn't give too much away either;

''Jon Snow and the Night's watch face a big challenge''
 And that's all we're given. With Mammoths and Giants in Mance's ginormous army. The brothers will wish they had listened to Jon earlier. 200 brothers defending the Wall against an army that size will not be an easy task.

Game of Thrones airs on Monday the 9th of June on Sky Atlantic at 9pm and on the 8th of June on HBO at 9pm.

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