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Is Tyrion Lannister really a Targaryen?

WARNING  this contains spoilers for those who have not yet read ALL the books in the ''A Song of Ice and Fire'' series, or are just watching the T.V series. If you don't want something spoiled on you don't read on and then give out that I spoiled something! I am warning you now, if you read on tough luck!! :P

Time to add another unproven, but very possible, theory to the list. Is Tyrion actually a Targaryen and not a Lannister?

So the theory goes that Tywin Lannister is not Tyrion's father. It is believed, by some, that Tywin's wife Joanna was raped by the mad King Aerys Targaryen and Tyrion was the result.Many see this as the reason that Tywin despises Tyrion so much, not just because he blames Tyrion for her death. Now as with all theories there is no strong proof to say this is absolutely true, that's why they are called theories, because there is some evidence that they ''might'' be true.

So what evidence do we have that Tyrion may not be Tywin's son and actually the son of Aerys Targaryen. We know that Tywin was Aerys hand for 20 years and that Aerys was envious of him. We also know that Aerys wronged Tywin many times and this resulted in Tywin abandoning his post and returning to Casterly Rock. Aerys must have feared Tywin as he was the only one he didn't punish for doing him wrong. The Mad King always found a reason to torture or burn someone alive, why not Tywin?

There is a real possibility that Aerys could have forced himself upon Joanna. I think that Tywin is logical and human enough to know that death at childbirth is not a conscious fault of the child, and could not blame Tyrion for the death of his mother. However what if he had reason to suspect that the child was not his? Then such hate for the child might seem justified? This may explain his hatred for the Targaryens, and why he ordered the murder of Rhaegar's children, and why he let Kings Landing be sacked.

In a Feast for Crows, Aemon tells Sam that he and his brothers dreamed of dragons. We also know that Daenerys dreamed of dragons before she hatched her eggs, and if memory serves me right Tyroin tells Jon Snow in book 1 that he used to dream of dragons.

In the books, Tyrion has two mismatched eyes, one is green and one is black. Throughout the books references are made to eyes being such a dark purple that they look black. It is possible that Tyrion's black is actually avery dark purple, and we know that the Targaryens have purple eyes.

On more than one occasion Tywin has told Tyrion that he wasn't his son. Infact they are even Tywin's last words! Is he just saying that because he doesn't want him to be his son, or because he believes that he actually isn't his son?

Another thing we know is that Dany has 3 dragons. Each dragon needs a Master, Dany cannot be mother to all 3. We know we have at least 2 Targaryens but who's the third?

Our possible theories say it could be Jon Snow or Tyrion Lannister. Jon Snow is believed to be the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna so therefore he would be part Targaryen, but we know that true Targaryens cannot be burned by fire (like that muppet Viserys was)! Jon burnt his hand the night he saved the Lord Commander from the wight. So that rules him out. On the other hand, as far as we are aware Tyrion has never been burned by fire!

Could Tyrion Lannister be the third Targaryen? This theory says it's a possibility!

What do you think? Check out the theory about Jon Snow here.

If you have any other theories about the Song of Ice and Fire books, share them below!

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