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Season 4: Episode 8: The Mountain and The Viper

Episode 7 Review
So we're on the hunt for two champions one to represent the crown and the ''lost king'' and one to represent Tyrion Lannister. Cersei doesn't just want her brother to die, she wants him wiped out, destroyed and annihilated!! So who better for the job than the monster that is ''The Mountain that Rides'' Ser Gregor Clegane!! Tyrion on the other hand is finding it a bit difficult to find a champion to fight for him. After being rejected by both Bronn and his own brother Jaime, Tyrion is coming around to the idea that he may just have to fight The Mountain himself. Enter ''The Viper'' Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorne. Since The Mountain is the one that raped and killed his sister, Oberyn wants to take this opportunity to get his revenge and tells Tyrion that he will be his champion! . . . . . Oh what a battle this is going to be!!

Arya is making a nice little dent in her hit-list, and learning quite a few things from her kidnapper turned teacher, The Hound. She even tries to help him when he gets attacked and bitten by some poor ape that learns the hard way, that's not how you kill a man.

Queue her sister Sansa, this girl has to be one of the luckiest and yet unluckiest girls in Westeros. How she's still alive is beyond me, and she gets yet another lucky escape when little finger stops her psycho aunt Lysa from throwing her out the Moon Door (can't help but think that Joffrey would have liked one of those in Kings Landing!!). Littlefinger then betray's his ''. . . poor jealous wife'' and throws her out the Moon Door himself, but not before telling her that he's only ever loved one woman, her sister Catelyn. She was one insane woman, but after that you have to feel a little sorry for her!

Over in Essos Daario's advances on Daenerys are finally paying off. She isn't impressed by his gift of flowers that he said he had to swim a mile to obtain! However after telling her that she's the only woman that he wants and that his sword is hers until the day he dies, Dany seems impressed and orders him to take off his clothes while she drinks a glass of wine and examines the goods!!

We briefly fly to Dragonstone and the Wall and the Riverlands to see what Melisandre, Jon Snow and Brienne and Podrick are up too. We meet nearly every character in this episode to set us up for what's to come in the final three episodes!

Episode 8 The Mountain and The Viper
Please please please can this episode just be all about The Viper and The Mountain!!!

Unfortunately it can't!! So here's what will be happening in this episode;

We return to Ramsay Snow, who is sending Theon off to Moat Cailin where a gang of Ironborn are holed up. Is Theon so messed up that he will betray his own men? Probably seeming as he wouldn't even leave when his own sister came to rescue him!!

Imagine, Lysa's fall out the Moon Door has raised a few questions, and now Sansa has to testify. Will she tell them everything that happened and ruin Littlefinger's plans to set himself up as Lord of the Eyrie?

Nobody's listening to Jon's warning's on the Wall and now the Wildlings have reached Mole town. Next stop is The Wall. Will anybody listen to him now, and even if they do is it too late to protect themselves from a wildling attack?

And last but by no means least Tyrion's trial by combat! Oberyn's spear is pitted against Gregors giant sword. . . but who will survive? Sword or Spear. . . . guess what, we have to wait until June to see!!!

The next episode of Game of Thrones airs on Sky Atlantic on June 2nd at 9pm  and on HBO on June 1st at 9pm

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