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Season 4: Episode 6: The Laws of Gods and Men

Episode 5 Review
Episode five taught us that, no matter how much power you think you posses you are never entirely safe!! From the new boy King Tommen, to the Crowns money problems being exposed, to the events that unfold in Crasters keep. This episode was full of examples of how power, no matter how strong, never lasts long and doesn't protect you from everything. Two high born characters who have learnt this are Cersei and Prince Oberyn, both have suffered great loss and yet both posses great power.

Now some people may feel sorry for Cersei as we see a different side to the cold hearted woman we are used to. She reaches out to Margaery when she tells her that Tommen would be a good King to her, much better than Joffrey would have been. Margaery however still has her guard up around Cersei and replies with a remark about not knowing whether to call her Sister or Mother. After learning from her father that the Lannisters are completely broke and owe a lot of money to the Iron Bank Cersei agree's to marry Loras Tyrell. She then meets with Oberyn and asks that her only daughter be well looked after in Dorne. Cersei has gone from a powerful Queen regent to a woman who is forced to wed someone she doesn't want to for money, wed her son to a woman she dislikes and hope that those who her daughter now lives with will treat her well. Her power proved useless in the end!

Across the narrow Sea Danny learns that conquering a kingdom and keeping it isn't as simple as it may seem. As she takes over Meereen, she learns that the last 2 cities she overthrew have been reclaimed by the slavers. She decides it is not time to sail to Westeros and if she wishes to be Queen she must learn to rule, as well as know how to fight. 

Sansa has arrived with Littlefinger at the Eerie and thinks she has escaped the horrors of Kings Landing. It's not long before she realises that the Eerie holds some terrors of it's own, especially in the form of her aunt Lysa. Maybe it's the lack of air from being so high up in those mountains, but the woman is still breastfeeding her 10 year old son! She's a bit crackers. She's a little obsessed with Lord Baelish and even attacks Sansa as she accuses her of trying to seduce her betrothed. Sansa is then told she is now free to marry her creepy cousin Robin. We also learn that Lysa was the one that killed Jon Arryn not the Lannisters and she lied to her own sister, because she is creepily besotted with Littlefinger and will do anything the man asks her.

We also caught a quick glimpse of Arya and the Hound. Clegane comes upon Arya practising her water dancing and mocks and reminds her that Syrio is dead and Meryn Trent is very much alive because he had armour and a sword. A little ironic then that in this scene where he mocks her old teacher in a way the Hound as become her new one.

Did anyone notice how this was the first episode without any nudity?

Episode 6 Preview The Laws of Gods and Men
Not many episodes left in this season!! It's going by too fast! 

This episode revolves around Tyrion and his Trial. Will Cersei finally get what she wants and get rid of her brother! Tyrion finds himself in a similar situation to the one he was in when charged with the murder of Jon Arryn in the Eerie. Bronn came to his aid in that instance. With his father at the head of the trial, wanting him to confess and Cersei working behind the scenes will Tyrion ask for another trial by combat? And if he does who will fight for him?

In addition to Tyrion's trial, in this episode a familiar face returns to the North in the form of Yara Greyjoy. She is on the hunt for Ramsay Snow and wants to save her brother. 

Stannis finally removes himself from Dragonstone and sets sail for the Iron Bank, surely he might cheer up a bit now? Unlikely. . . that man is quite depressing to watch!

Daenerys sits on the throne in Meereen, and it suits her.

The Laws of Gods and Men will air on Monday 12th of May at 9pm Irish Time on Sky Atlantic.

This theory will be proven. . . . just wait and see. . . Who's the Daddy?

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