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Season 4: Episode 5: First of his name

To begin this post I'm going to clear up something that most people have realised by now,but some people haven't as they are still asking me! Yes they have changed the actor for Daario Naharis. Personally I don't think this actor fits the role of Daario, he's too much of a pretty boy to be a stone cold killer! He's meant to be the commander of the Second Son's, to me Skrein (the previous actor) fit the role much better, even if he didn't have blue hair and gold teeth as in the book!!
Skrein vs Huisman. . . who do you prefer?
Episode 4 Review
Season 4 seems to be changing a lot of things from the books, more so than previous seasons. There are 3 in particular I've noticed so far, particularly from episode 4. The first was the ''rape scene'' with Jaime and Cersei. This scene did happen in the books, but it wasn't near as ''rapey'' as it was portrayed on screen. I felt that was a bit unnecessary and from what I've heard most of you guys did too. 

They've kind of thrown things into the air in the way they have changed major points of the story, in particular in the North at the Wall, where Locke, the man who cut off Jaime's hand has suddenly appeared. He was sent by the Bolton's as an imposter. This never happened in the books. 

Now those who read the books will know that Bran's story has changed quiet a lot from the book itself. Instead of going on an extended journey beyond the wall Bran, Hodor and the Reed's find themselves captured and kidnapped by the mutineers at Crasters Keep. While the events in the book were intriguing, the way things are playing out in the show are much more exciting. Jon Snow is marching to Crasters Keep with his band of volunteers, completely unaware that the mutineers have his brother held captive. These things never happened in the books and it leaves me wondering if Jon will reunite with his brother and rescue him or will Bran and the Reeds escape before Jon know's they are there?

Episode 5 preview ''First of his name''

Episode 5 will bring us some new characters but it will also bring some back that we haven't seen in quite a while!!

We begin with Dany doing a headcount of her forces, and comparing them to those that might be waiting for her in Westeros. May we finally see Danaerys make her move West? After all Bran did have a vision of a Dragon flying over Kings Landing!

Speaking of the West and Kings Landing, Westeros has a new king in Tommen Baratheon. He appears to be a much more innocent less hostile person than Joffrey was, I mean he has a cat called Ser Pounce. . . . . but whether this is a good or bad thing remains to be seen. Margaery is trying to work her way into marriage (AGAIN) but she'll have to get past Cersei first, and she's not going to make it an easy job for her. 

Lysa Arryn, Catelyn Starks sister, makes her return from when we last saw her in season 1. She obviously has a part to play in Little Fingers plan, but what is it? He seems to have a lot more interest in Sansa Stark than in his wife to be, which may be a cause for concern.

Jon Snow and his volunteers reach Crasters Keep for another battle scene. Will Jon arrive in time to save his younger brother, not knowing he's even there? Will Bran, Hodor and the Reeds escape before Jon gets there? Will Jon and Bran be reunited? Queue sword-fights, direwolves and Hodor!! 

Arya is one of my favourite characters and isn't getting enough screen time in my regards! She has been re-united with her sword ''Needle'' and is looking to take another name off her list and by the looks of it she intends for ''The Hound'' to be next! Is this the end of their little road trip together? 

Episode 5 ''First of his name'' will are at 9pm Irish Time on Sky Atlantic on Monday 5th of April.

And just for the record. . . . Jaime and Brienne. . . .you know what I mean!! 

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