Thursday, 24 April 2014

Season 4: Episode 4: Oathkeeper

In all honesty, episode 3 of this season was pretty dull as episodes go, and the plot didn't really move anywhere. Don't let this fool you though, there is a lot more excitement and plot twists to come.

The boys in HBO aren't really giving anything away this season, as far as episode synopsis' go! We're being left guessing every week, as to what's actually going to happen.

Here's the trailer for Episode 4 ''Oathkeeper''

The official synopsis reads:

''Dany balances justice and mercy. Jaime tasks Brienne with his honor. Jon secures volunteers while Bran, Jojen, Meera, and Hodor stumble on shelter.''

Like I said, they aren't giving much away. We can guess from previous episodes in Season three and the end of the last episode that Danny is going to sack yet another slavers city and increase her every growing army.

Cersei asks Jaime to bring her Sansa's head, and we see Jaime give Brienne a task, however is it what Cersei has asked him to do or is he sending her out to protect Arya and Sansa?

Jon is the only one on The Wall that knows the full extent of what's going on beyond the wall, not only with the White Walkers but with Mance Rayder too. In these times the Nightswatch is desperate for man power to help it protect everything that lies South of The Wall, but who will help him?

We haven't seen much of Bran and his followers but as the season moves on we see more of him, this episode might shed a bit more light on where he's going!

There is a lot more death and surprise murders to come this season, I just can't wait for them to be aired so I don't have to keep them a secret from those who haven't read the books!!!

Episode 4 airs in Ireland on Monday 28th of April at 9pm on Sky Atlantic!

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