Sunday, 28 April 2013

Season 3: Episode 5, Kissed by Fire

What did we learn from the last episode?. . . . . Do not mess with Daenerys! Now she's got her army and all 3 dragons, what's does she have planned?

In episode 5, ''Kissed by Fire'', The time comes for The Hound to be Judged by the gods, Jaime is brought before Roose Bolton, Jon must prove himself further to the Wildlings, Robb is betrayed and Tyrion learns the cost of weddings.

In the synopsis for this episode we are told that Robb get's betrayed by someone! But who? Is it Roose Bolton? The Karstarks? His mother, again? Robb has won all of his battles thus far, however since Catelyn let The Kingslayer go, things have started to go a bit belly up for him,and it seems they aren't going to improve anytime soon.

The Lannisters feel someone is plotting against them, but who? It may be the Tyrells decision to marry Loras and Sansa. What will there solution be? Whatever it is Tyrion doesn't seem happy about it! (I know what they want him to do, but I don't want to spoil things for those who haven't read the books!)

To me, Thoros of Myr seems a lot more legitimate and sane, than that crazy bitch with Stannis. He doesn't seem to want to sacrifice any humans to the Red God for no reason. Plus Dondarrion's flaming sword isn't stuck in the fire to ignite in flames!

Jon must climb the Wall with the Wildlings! He also get's down and dirty with Ygritte!!! Will there be a naked Jon Snow? I certainly hope so!!

Possible Spoiler Alert!!
After the last episode I'm 95% sure that the people who have Theon Greyjoy are Ramsay Snow and his men!

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