Friday, 19 April 2013

Season 3: Episode 4: And Now His Watch is Ended

I am finding it very difficult to predict what's going to happen in each episode this season as they have made so many changes to all the storylines. However I don't doubt it will still be an epic series and when the episode with the ''Red Wedding'' airs I know everyone will both love it and hate it at the same time. It's one of my favourite and most hated events in the books.

So what and who can we expect to see in episode 4 (And Now His Watch Is Ended) of Game of Thrones?

The Nights Watch have reached Crasters Keep after they were attacked by the White Walkers, they must now take stock and try to get back to the Wall to warn everyone. However are they safe there? As we all know Craster gives his new born son's to the walkers, can he be trusted? Trouble seem's to be brewing Sam seem's very eager to leave!

Daenery's hands over one of her dragons for an army, but Kraznys mo Nakloz seems unsure and wary, as he holds the dragon! If he will be able to control the dragon remains to be seen!

Theon reaches the castle where is sister resides. However who the boy is helping him is still unclear to us all. It was speculated that he was to be the bastard son of Ramsay Snow, and if he is then Theon is in big trouble!!

Cersei does not trust the Tyrell's and wants them out of the castle. She doesn't like being cast aside, what will she do to gain back some power? And will she ever be able to control Joffrey again?!

Arya is brought to the leader of the brotherhood without banners! We finally get to meet Beric Dondarrion after he was sent out to hunt down the Mountain in the first season (the character has been recast for this season!) 

To finish up, here's my favourite version of the Intro to Game of Thrones

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