Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Season 3: Sneak Peek and Catch Up

Season 3 of Game of Thrones is fast approaching so here's a little re-cap on what's happened in the series so far and some things we can expect to see in season 3. I'll try not to spoil anything!

What's happening:

In Kings Landing

*Joffrey has agreed to cast Sansa Stark aside and take Margery Tyrell as his new wife.
*Sansa think's she can now return to Winterfell but Littlefinger tell's her Joffrey won't allow that.
*Cersei was about to take her life along with Tommen's, when she believed they were losing the battle against Stannis's fleet on the Blackwater, however her father comes to the rescue just in time.
*Tyrion has been injured in the battle but his life was saved by his squire Podric Payne. He wakes up after the battle with a bandage across his face where a sword slashed it.
*Stannis Baratheon has lost the battle against Kings Landing, along with many of his ships and men. Stannis is last seen being dragged away by his own men as Tywin Lannister comes and saves the day. Stannis returns to dragonstone to question Melisandre and the validity of her predictions.

In Winterfell
*Theon Greyjoy has sacked Winterfell and leads the people in Winterfell to believe that he has murdered and burned Rickon and Brandon. However it was not the Starks he killed and Hodor and Osha (the wildling) have helped them to escape and hide in the crypts of Winterfell. Theon's men then turn against him, burn Winterfell and leave.
*Brandon and Rickon along with Hodor and Osha then head North to The Wall and Jon Snow.

In Harrenhal

*Arya has been serving Tywin Lannister as his cup bearer. He is unaware of who she is. She gives Jaqen H'ghar Tywin Lannisters name, to kill him, but he says he can't do it so she names Jaqen and tells him she will un-name him if he helps her and her friends (Gendry and Hot Pie) to escape. He does this and we then see Jaqen change his face and become somebody else.
In Qarth
*Daenarys has just found her dragons and burned the house of the undying and locked Doreah and Xaro Xhaon Daxos in a vault and is taking anything she can that will buy her some ships.

Beyond the Wall

*Jon Snow was on a ranging with Querin halfhand and was left to kill a wildling. His captive (Ygritte) escapes and then captures Jon and takes him to Mance Rayder and the Wildling camp.
*Sam, Grenn and another member of the Night's Watch are out on the Fist of the First Men when they hear a horn blowing. They hear one blow assuming it is Jon and Querin returning, they then hear a second blow and ready themselves for wildlings. To their horror it blows a third time, meaning White Walkers. In the final scene we see Sam hiding behind a rock as thousands of White Walkers go by him.

In the Riverlands

*Robb Stark is somewhere in the Riverlands preparing to march against Tywin Lannister. His mother puts him in a difficult position however, after she lets Jaimie Lannister go with Brienne without telling him. Technically this is treason and as he is meant to be the King of the North he should sentence her to death, but he will not kill his mother so he is seen as having some weakness. At the end of season 2 we see him marry the nurse Talisa. This breaks the pact Catelyn made with Walder Frey and could hold serious consequences.

*Jaimie Lannister was being held captive by Robb Stark. Catelyn has sent him back to Kings Landing under the watchful eye of Brienne hoping that Arya and Sansa will be sent back to her upon his return.

*Brienne is en route to Kings Landing with Jaimie Lannister to exchange him for the Stark girls.

*Catelyn is with her son Robb in the Riverlands, she has sent Brienne and Jaimie to Kings Landing without telling Robb.

What to expect in Season 3:
In season 2 we saw everyone deceiving the people closest to them and it becomes clear that in the battle for the Iron Throne you have to be very careful who you trust.

A lot of new characters will be introduced into season 3, we will see Weddings and deaths, a very naked or very nearly naked Jon Snow!! :P

We will find out how Walder Frey reacts to the news that Robb Stark has married someone else than who he was promised too.

We find out what Mance Rayder does with Jon Snow.

Those who have read the books will know what I am talking about when I say Red Wedding! This event will happen towards the end of season 3. It is a huge event in the whole story and everyone is going to be shocked when they see what happens! That will be an episode not to be missed. (rumoured to be episode 9)

There will be a scene where Brienne of Tarth his thrown into a bear bit to fight a bear.

Will Littlefinger hold true to his word and help get Sansa out of Kings Landing and away from Joffrey?

Will Daenery's get her army and ships, and sail to Kings Landing? Her dragons will be bigger and I for one am looking forward too seeing what they look like in Season 3. 

I for one can't wait for Season 3 to begin! 

Remember it airs on the 31st of March on HBO and 1st of April on Sky Atlantic! :)

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