Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Game of Thrones: Season 4

Season 3 is well behind us and Season 4 is almost upon us. Game of Thrones is based on the ''A Song of Ice and Fire'' books so we can loosely guess what is going to happen in Season 4.

Here's are the fact's we know for definite:
1. Season 4 got the go ahead on 2 April 2013
2. The season will have 10 episodes (as all previous season's have had.)
3. Production will began on the 8th July 2013

From what we saw in Season 3 we can assume that season 4 will mostly be based on the second half of ''A Storm of Swords'', the 3rd book in the series, some material may be added from the fourth and fifth books (which run alongside the end of the third book and each other).

It has also been confirmed that production will return to Dubrovnik in Coatia, and Iceland. It is assumed that filming will also continue in Northern Ireland. The coastal city of Split also in Croatia has also been added. It is not yet known if filming will return to Morocco.

All characters who survived the events of Season 3 are expected to return in Season 4.

Some new faces we can expect too see are:

  •  Oberyn Martell, known as ''The Red Viper of Dorne''
Played by Pedro Pascal. I am very excited for this character. He is one of my favourite's. Can't complain about the choice of actor either!!!!

  • Ellaria Sand
Played by Indira Varma, Ellaria Sand is the lover of Oberyn Martell. She is also the bastard daughter of Lord Harmen Uller.

  • Mace Tyrell

Played by Roger Ashton-Griffiths. Mace Tyrell is Lord of Highgarden, Warden of the South and Lord Paramount of the Reach.

  • Tyhco Nestoris

Played by Mark Gatiss, Tycho Nestoris is a representative of the Iron Bank of Bravoos.

  • Lord Yohn Royce

Played by Rupert Vansittart, Lord Yohn Royce also know as ''Bronze Yohn'' is the Lord of Runestone and a powerful bannerman of House Arryn.

  • Fat Walda Frey
Played by Elizabeth Webster, Walda Frey known as fat Walda is a granddaughter of Lord Walder Frey and the new wife of Roose Bolton.

  • Hizdahr zo Loraq

Played by Joel Fry, Hizdahr zo Loraq is a slave-trader from the city of Meereen on the coast of Slavers Bay.

Other actors have been cast but it is uncertain who they will play at this moment in time.

3 Characters,that we know of, have been recast and will now be played by the following actors:

  • Daario Naharis will now be played by Michiel Huisman. He was previously played by Ed Skrein.

  • Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson will now play Ser Gregor Clegane ''The Mountain that Rides''. He was previously played by Conan Stevens and later by Ian Whyte.

  • Tommen Baratheon will now be played by Dean-Charles Chapman. He was previously played by Callum Wharry.

Keep an eye on this space for more info on upcoming Season 4.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Season 3: Episode 9, The Rains of Castamere

This is it, the episode that makes up for this whole season being a little dull and less exciting than the others. Believe me if you haven't read the books or someone hasn't spoiled it for you yet, you are going to be shocked!! There will be wedding bells, and battles, betrayal's and deaths! Believe me this is not an episode to be missing!

In episode 9, The Rains of Castamere, Robb presents himself to Walder Frey for the first time after breaking his marriage promise. Edmure meets his bride-to-be. Daario and Jorah devise a plan on how to take Yunkai and House Frey join with House Tully at the ''Red Wedding''.
Between episode 9 and some part of Season 4 a lot of pretty big cast members are going to be killed off!

The second last episode never ceases to disappoint and sets us up for an epic season finale! In season 1 we saw the murder/beheading of Eddard Stark, in Season 2 we had the Battle of the Blackwater where Stannis tried to take Kings Landing and failed miserably.

This season will be no different, I really can't wait! DO NOT MISS IT!!

A little history on why this episode is named after the song ''The Rains of Castamere''. The Rains of Castamere is the unofficial war song that refers to Lord Tywin Lannister's brutal victory over House Reyne of Castamere when they rebelled against him. Usually it is sung as a reminder for those who dare cross Tywin Lannister. . . . or any Lannister for that matter. So I think it's safe to say we can expect impending battle for this episode.

I've read other previews for this episode and they all ruin the the episode for people who don't know what's coming. I'd prefer not to do that, I didn't expect what was coming when I read the books and I hope others don't either!

Let me know below what you thought of the episode, after you've seen it. . . .I hope I didn't hype it up too much! :P

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Season 3: Episode 8, Second Sons

Back again after being MIA for a few weeks. The past few weeks have been a bit hectic with work and things, so back in time for episode 8 of Season 3 of Game of Thrones. Only 3 episodes left in this season, it's gone by so fast.

A quick recap on where I left off;

Sansa Stark is to marry Tyrion Lannister. Arya Stark was with Beric Dondarion and the Brotherhood without Banners in the Riverlands however in the last episode we saw the Hound capturing her. Robb and his bannermen along with his mother and her uncle and brother are travelling through the riverlands to The Twins for the wedding of Edmure and one of Frey's daughters. Danny is reaking havoc across the narrow sea. Freeing slaves and sacking cities. Jon Snow and the Wildlings climbed the wall and are making there way to castle black.

After that very quick recap here's what to expect in episode 8, Second Sons;
Apart from killing a whore here and there (poor aul Ros) Joffrey's been pretty quiet this season! He hasn't started any wars and his grandfather seems to have a hold over him for the most part, that is until this episode, Joffrey doesn't seem to impressed with something Tywin has said, looks like the old psychotic Joffrey we all love to hate is about to return.

Across the narrow sea Danaery's is hell bent on sacking Yunkai after her little episode in Astaphor. It's unclear if this guy is going to be friend or foe yet but if he is who I think he is, he'll have something else she's been looking for since Khal Drogo, besides the army ;). Danny want's to free all those who are being treated unjustly, it seems the fuel for this is from being her brother's object when she was younger.

Arya isn't going quietly either, but just what does The Hound plan on doing with her?

Getting closer to episode 9. . . . believe me you will not want to miss that episode!!

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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Season 3: Episode 5, Kissed by Fire

What did we learn from the last episode?. . . . . Do not mess with Daenerys! Now she's got her army and all 3 dragons, what's does she have planned?

In episode 5, ''Kissed by Fire'', The time comes for The Hound to be Judged by the gods, Jaime is brought before Roose Bolton, Jon must prove himself further to the Wildlings, Robb is betrayed and Tyrion learns the cost of weddings.

In the synopsis for this episode we are told that Robb get's betrayed by someone! But who? Is it Roose Bolton? The Karstarks? His mother, again? Robb has won all of his battles thus far, however since Catelyn let The Kingslayer go, things have started to go a bit belly up for him,and it seems they aren't going to improve anytime soon.

The Lannisters feel someone is plotting against them, but who? It may be the Tyrells decision to marry Loras and Sansa. What will there solution be? Whatever it is Tyrion doesn't seem happy about it! (I know what they want him to do, but I don't want to spoil things for those who haven't read the books!)

To me, Thoros of Myr seems a lot more legitimate and sane, than that crazy bitch with Stannis. He doesn't seem to want to sacrifice any humans to the Red God for no reason. Plus Dondarrion's flaming sword isn't stuck in the fire to ignite in flames!

Jon must climb the Wall with the Wildlings! He also get's down and dirty with Ygritte!!! Will there be a naked Jon Snow? I certainly hope so!!

Possible Spoiler Alert!!
After the last episode I'm 95% sure that the people who have Theon Greyjoy are Ramsay Snow and his men!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Season 3: Episode 4: And Now His Watch is Ended

I am finding it very difficult to predict what's going to happen in each episode this season as they have made so many changes to all the storylines. However I don't doubt it will still be an epic series and when the episode with the ''Red Wedding'' airs I know everyone will both love it and hate it at the same time. It's one of my favourite and most hated events in the books.

So what and who can we expect to see in episode 4 (And Now His Watch Is Ended) of Game of Thrones?

The Nights Watch have reached Crasters Keep after they were attacked by the White Walkers, they must now take stock and try to get back to the Wall to warn everyone. However are they safe there? As we all know Craster gives his new born son's to the walkers, can he be trusted? Trouble seem's to be brewing Sam seem's very eager to leave!

Daenery's hands over one of her dragons for an army, but Kraznys mo Nakloz seems unsure and wary, as he holds the dragon! If he will be able to control the dragon remains to be seen!

Theon reaches the castle where is sister resides. However who the boy is helping him is still unclear to us all. It was speculated that he was to be the bastard son of Ramsay Snow, and if he is then Theon is in big trouble!!

Cersei does not trust the Tyrell's and wants them out of the castle. She doesn't like being cast aside, what will she do to gain back some power? And will she ever be able to control Joffrey again?!

Arya is brought to the leader of the brotherhood without banners! We finally get to meet Beric Dondarrion after he was sent out to hunt down the Mountain in the first season (the character has been recast for this season!) 

To finish up, here's my favourite version of the Intro to Game of Thrones

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Season 3: Episode 3: Walk of Punishment

We are on episode 3 of Season 3 already. This season is going by too fast! What did you all think of episode 2? If you've read the books, what do you think of the changes they've made to adapt the story for the series?

Here's what we can expect in episode 3 ''Walk of Punishment"

The synopsis for the episode tell's us that ''Tyrion gains new responsibilities; Jon is taken to the Fist of the First Men; Daenerys meets with the slavers and Jaime stirkes a deal with his captors."

From both the video clip and the synopsis we can expect too see more of Daenerys and Jon than we did in episode 2 (Danny having been completely absent in episode 2). We see that Danny makes a bid to buy her army, Jaime and Brienne have been captured, but what will there captures do with them? 

To be honest they really haven't given much away for this episode, but the biggest mystery so far this season is Theon Greyjoy. Where is he? Who are the people that have captured and tortured him and who is the ''boy'' that tell's him he is going to help him? 

We also get a closer look at the Brotherhood without Banners, who it seems many people have forgotten about. Quick recap, they are a band of outlaws formed by Beric Dondarrion after he was sent out by Eddard Stark to hunt down the Mountain. What will they do with the Hound? And what does it mean for Arya now that they know she is a Stark?

We won't be seeing any of the storylines from Sansa, Joffrey, Margaery, or Bran and Rickon in this episode.

Has everyone noticed the changes in the intro to season 3? 

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Season 3: Episode 2: Dark Wings, Dark Words

Firstly when I saw the views of this blog today I was shocked! Thanks so much too all who read these posts. I never expected so many people to read these.

Here's a sneak peak of what we can expect in Episode 2 of Season 3!

What to expect in Dark Wings, Dark Words:

As a result of having so many new faces to introduce, it seems that episode 2 will be much like episode 1, in that we see a little bit of some of the new characters and a little bit of some of the old but not a whole lot of anyone. Once everyone has been introduced and the old characters caught up with hopefully we'll see a bit more of everyone.

The beginning of the preview shows Sansa being interrogated by Margaery's grandmother. She has put Sansa on the spot and want's to know what Joffrey is truely like. The question remains though can Sansa trust the Tyrell's and tell them the truth?!

Another new character we will be introduced too is Orell. He is a wildling skin-changer, which means he is capable of entering other creatures and controlling them. This is bad news for Jon Snow though. as the bird Orell becomes brings nothing but bad news for him.

For the first time this season we will see Bran and Arya Stark! Bran was last seen leaving the ruins of Winterfell with Hodor, Osha and Rickon. But who is the large figure we see him looking up at in the preview? When we see Arya in the clip she has come face to face with Thoros of Myr a member of the Brotherhood without banners. These guys were created when Beric Dondarrion was sent out to find and bring back the Mountain. The brotherhood were made outlaws when Joffrey took over and Eddard was beheaded.

Finally we see more of Robb Stark. It is clear that dissension is growing in his ranks and people are becoming unhappy with his choices. We also see Brienne and Jaimie having a little spar.

There is still a lot going on in Westeros and things are only going to get more interesting. Remember Game of Thrones airs on Sunday nights on HBO and Monday nights on Sky Atlantic.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Season 3: Sneak Peek and Catch Up

Season 3 of Game of Thrones is fast approaching so here's a little re-cap on what's happened in the series so far and some things we can expect to see in season 3. I'll try not to spoil anything!

What's happening:

In Kings Landing

*Joffrey has agreed to cast Sansa Stark aside and take Margery Tyrell as his new wife.
*Sansa think's she can now return to Winterfell but Littlefinger tell's her Joffrey won't allow that.
*Cersei was about to take her life along with Tommen's, when she believed they were losing the battle against Stannis's fleet on the Blackwater, however her father comes to the rescue just in time.
*Tyrion has been injured in the battle but his life was saved by his squire Podric Payne. He wakes up after the battle with a bandage across his face where a sword slashed it.
*Stannis Baratheon has lost the battle against Kings Landing, along with many of his ships and men. Stannis is last seen being dragged away by his own men as Tywin Lannister comes and saves the day. Stannis returns to dragonstone to question Melisandre and the validity of her predictions.

In Winterfell
*Theon Greyjoy has sacked Winterfell and leads the people in Winterfell to believe that he has murdered and burned Rickon and Brandon. However it was not the Starks he killed and Hodor and Osha (the wildling) have helped them to escape and hide in the crypts of Winterfell. Theon's men then turn against him, burn Winterfell and leave.
*Brandon and Rickon along with Hodor and Osha then head North to The Wall and Jon Snow.

In Harrenhal

*Arya has been serving Tywin Lannister as his cup bearer. He is unaware of who she is. She gives Jaqen H'ghar Tywin Lannisters name, to kill him, but he says he can't do it so she names Jaqen and tells him she will un-name him if he helps her and her friends (Gendry and Hot Pie) to escape. He does this and we then see Jaqen change his face and become somebody else.
In Qarth
*Daenarys has just found her dragons and burned the house of the undying and locked Doreah and Xaro Xhaon Daxos in a vault and is taking anything she can that will buy her some ships.

Beyond the Wall

*Jon Snow was on a ranging with Querin halfhand and was left to kill a wildling. His captive (Ygritte) escapes and then captures Jon and takes him to Mance Rayder and the Wildling camp.
*Sam, Grenn and another member of the Night's Watch are out on the Fist of the First Men when they hear a horn blowing. They hear one blow assuming it is Jon and Querin returning, they then hear a second blow and ready themselves for wildlings. To their horror it blows a third time, meaning White Walkers. In the final scene we see Sam hiding behind a rock as thousands of White Walkers go by him.

In the Riverlands

*Robb Stark is somewhere in the Riverlands preparing to march against Tywin Lannister. His mother puts him in a difficult position however, after she lets Jaimie Lannister go with Brienne without telling him. Technically this is treason and as he is meant to be the King of the North he should sentence her to death, but he will not kill his mother so he is seen as having some weakness. At the end of season 2 we see him marry the nurse Talisa. This breaks the pact Catelyn made with Walder Frey and could hold serious consequences.

*Jaimie Lannister was being held captive by Robb Stark. Catelyn has sent him back to Kings Landing under the watchful eye of Brienne hoping that Arya and Sansa will be sent back to her upon his return.

*Brienne is en route to Kings Landing with Jaimie Lannister to exchange him for the Stark girls.

*Catelyn is with her son Robb in the Riverlands, she has sent Brienne and Jaimie to Kings Landing without telling Robb.

What to expect in Season 3:
In season 2 we saw everyone deceiving the people closest to them and it becomes clear that in the battle for the Iron Throne you have to be very careful who you trust.

A lot of new characters will be introduced into season 3, we will see Weddings and deaths, a very naked or very nearly naked Jon Snow!! :P

We will find out how Walder Frey reacts to the news that Robb Stark has married someone else than who he was promised too.

We find out what Mance Rayder does with Jon Snow.

Those who have read the books will know what I am talking about when I say Red Wedding! This event will happen towards the end of season 3. It is a huge event in the whole story and everyone is going to be shocked when they see what happens! That will be an episode not to be missed. (rumoured to be episode 9)

There will be a scene where Brienne of Tarth his thrown into a bear bit to fight a bear.

Will Littlefinger hold true to his word and help get Sansa out of Kings Landing and away from Joffrey?

Will Daenery's get her army and ships, and sail to Kings Landing? Her dragons will be bigger and I for one am looking forward too seeing what they look like in Season 3. 

I for one can't wait for Season 3 to begin! 

Remember it airs on the 31st of March on HBO and 1st of April on Sky Atlantic! :)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Season 3 Characters: Updated

Season 3 is getting closer! It's airing on HBO on March 31st and Sky Atlantic usually airs it the night after but I have heard from a few people that they aren't airing it until the 3rd or 4th of April but I could be wrong.

I have read ahead on the books and I can't wait to start blogging stuff for season 3. I'm running out of idea's, that won't spoil things, fast!!

Here, I'll give you a quick introduction to the new characters you can expect to see in season 3. Be prepared we will be seeing lots of new faces along with the ones who survived season 2 :) Also as with Season 2 I expect that some characters will be changed and in some circumstances two characters put into one.

Note: For those who don't know already, because of the length of the third book it will be split between season 3 and season 4, and some events from the start of the 3rd book were included in the end of season 2.

Note 2: Skip to nearer the end for the latest additions to the list! :)

Season 3 Characters

Brynden "Blackfish" Tully: Younger brother of Hoster Tully who is Lord of Riverrun. Uncle to Catelyn and Lysa Tully. He is seen as the black sheep of the family, and, because the sigil of House Tully is a fish, he is sometimes known as the Blackfish.

Shireen Baratheon: Daughter of Stannis Baratheon who is Lord of Drangstone and has declared himself King of the Seven Kingdoms. 
Myranda: I am unsure of who this character is. In the Song of Ice and Fire Novels,the only character of note to be called Myranda is Myranda Royce, a young noble lady who lives in the Gates of the Moon, the castle at the foot of the mountain that the Eyrie is located on. However she does not appear until the fourth novel. It is very possible that the character in the TV series is a different person altogether. 
Lady Olenna Redwyne: Also known as the ''Queen of Thorns'', Lady Olenna is grandmother to Margaery Tyrell and Ser Loras Tyrell. 
Orell: Orell is a wildling ranger from the same group as Ygritte. He has an affinity for animals including his pet eagle. Orell is a fairly minor character in the books and it is speculated that his role is being combined with that of a bigger character from the books called Varamyr Sixskins. 
Missandei: Missandei is a slave, born on the island of Naath in the Summer Sea, off the coast of Sothoryos. She was enslaved when she was very young and now serves Kraznys mo Nakloz of Astapor as a translator. 
Thoros of Myr: Thoros is a red priest of the Lord of Light and also a noted warrior. He has not been spoken of or mentioned much in the last 2 seasons.
Jojen Reed: Jojen is the eldest son and heir of Howland Reed of Greywater Watch. His older sister is Meera Reed. Technically speaking Jojen and Meera should have been cast in Season 2 but they will now appear in Season 3.
Meera Reed: Eldest child and only daughter of Howland Reed. Older sister of Jojen Reed. Technically should have been cast in Season 2 but is now being cast in Season 3.
Beric Dondarrion: Lord of Blackhaven and head of House Dondarrion. Beric was seen only in Season 1 when Eddard Stark sends him with a group of men to apprehend Ser Gregor Clegane. He has been recast for Season 3. Since Robert's death the group have now become outlaw's and are known as the Brotherhood Without Banners, of which Beric Dondarrion is the leader.
Tormund Giantsbane: Is a wildling chieftain serving under Mance Rayder, the King beyond the Wall. He is a good humoured man with a sense of humour and, by wildling standards, a rough sense of honour. 
Anguy: Anguy is a skilled archer of Dornish origin and is also a member of the Brotherhood without Banners. 
Selyse Baratheon: Wife of Stannis Baratheon and mother of Shireen Baratheon.
Edmure Tully: Only son and heir of Hoster Tully of Riverrun. Younger brother of Catelyn and Lysa Tully. Nephew of Brynden Tully.
Qyburn: Was once a maester of the Citadel but was stripped of his chain many years ago for conducting unethical medical experiments on living people.
Boy: This is another character I am of unsure of. It is speculated that he is meant to be Ramsay Snow. The bastard son of Roose Bolton.
Mirelle: Here is another character I am unsure of. Infact I have no clue at all who she is meant to be as there is no character in the books called Mirelle. I'll keep an eye out though and update if I find out.
Mance Raydar: I don't need to explain who this guy is. We've heard of him all last season and now we finally get to meet ''The King beyond the Wall''.
Kraznys mo Nakloz: Kraznys is a slave-trader in the city of Astapor, on the coast of Slavers Bay. He is extremely wealthy and has grown rich from trading and training Unsullied warrior-eunuchs (for anyone who doesn't know at this stage eunuchs are men who have been castrated).
Prendahl na Ghezn: Prendahl is a sellsword of Ghiscari decent. He serves as the commander of the Stormcrows, a noted mercenary company which fights for the highest bidder. 
Daario Naharis: Daario is a Tyroshi sellsword and is one of the three leaders of the company known as the Stormcrows. He is an accomplished warrior and commander.
Grey Worm: Is a member of the Unsullied warriors. Like all Unsullied he has never had a real name, instead choosing a name everyday by lottery from a barrel.
Locke: (aka Vargo Hoat) has been slightly changed and renamed for the tv show. Locke (or Hoat) is the leader of The Brave Companions. A particularly unsavoury band of sellsword's known as the "Bloody Mummers" in Westeros.
Lothar Frey: (aka Lame Lothar) the 12th son of Walder Frey.
Unconfirmed: It is yet unclear as too who this is meant to be, but it has been speculated that he may play the mysterious ''coldhands'' 

Roslin Frey: The 5th daughter of Walder Frey
(Black) Walder Frey: Is a great-grandson of Lord Walder Frey. He is nicknamed so because of his temper and attitude.
Mero: (aka The Titans Bastard) Commander of the Second Sons a sellsword company in Essos. He has an evil reputation.

So far these are the only characters that have been announced. It is possible that more could be announced but filming has started since June so they might not announce any more either! We'll have to wait and see!