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Season 3 Characters

Season 3 is months away! It's airing on HBO on March 31st and Sky Atlantic usually airs it the night after so assuming they still do that, it should air there on the 1st of April (what an amazing birthday present for me :P)!

I have read ahead on the books and I can't wait to start blogging stuff for season 3. I'm running out of idea's, that won't spoil things, fast!!

Here, I'll give you a quick introduction to the new characters you can expect to see in season 3. Be prepared we will be seeing lots of new faces along with the ones who survived season 2 :) Also as with Season 2 I expect that some characters will be changed and in some circumstances two characters put into one.

Note: For those who don't know already, because of the length of the third book it will be split between season 3 and season 4, and some events from the start of the 3rd book were included in the end of season 2.

Season 3 Characters

Brynden "Blackfish" Tully: Younger brother of Hoster Tully who is Lord of Riverrun. Uncle to Catelyn and Lysa Tully. He is seen as the black sheep of the family, and, because the sigil of House Tully is a fish, he is sometimes known as the Blackfish.

Shireen Baratheon: Daughter of Stannis Baratheon who is Lord of Drangstone and has declared himself King of the Seven Kingdoms. 
Myranda: I am unsure of who this character is. In the Song of Ice and Fire Novels,the only character of note to be called Myranda is Myranda Royce, a young noble lady who lives in the Gates of the Moon, the castle at the foot of the mountain that the Eyrie is located on. However she does not appear until the fourth novel. It is very possible that the character in the TV series is a different person altogether. 
Lady Olenna Redwyne: Also known as the ''Queen of Thorns'', Lady Olenna is grandmother to Margaery Tyrell and Ser Loras Tyrell. 
Orell: Orell is a wildling ranger from the same group as Ygritte. He has an affinity for animals including his pet eagle. Orell is a fairly minor character in the books and it is speculated that his role is being combined with that of a bigger character from the books called Varamyr Sixskins. 
Missandei: Missandei is a slave, born on the island of Naath in the Summer Sea, off the coast of Sothoryos. She was enslaved when she was very young and now serves Kraznys mo Nakloz of Astapor as a translator. 
Thoros of Myr: Thoros is a red priest of the Lord of Light and also a noted warrior. He has not been spoken of or mentioned much in the last 2 seasons.
Jojen Reed: Jojen is the eldest son and heir of Howland Reed of Greywater Watch. His older sister is Meera Reed. Technically speaking Jojen and Meera should have been cast in Season 2 but they will now appear in Season 3.
Meera Reed: Eldest child and only daughter of Howland Reed. Older sister of Jojen Reed. Technically should have been cast in Season 2 but is now being cast in Season 3.
Beric Dondarrion: Lord of Blackhaven and head of House Dondarrion. Beric was seen only in Season 1 when Eddard Stark sends him with a group of men to apprehend Ser Gregor Clegane. He has been recast for Season 3. Since Robert's death the group have now become outlaw's and are known as the Brotherhood Without Banners, of which Beric Dondarrion is the leader.
Tormund Giantsbane: Is a wildling chieftain serving under Mance Rayder, the King beyond the Wall. He is a good humoured man with a sense of humour and, by wildling standards, a rough sense of honour. 
Anguy: Anguy is a skilled archer of Dornish origin and is also a member of the Brotherhood without Banners. 
Selyse Baratheon: Wife of Stannis Baratheon and mother of Shireen Baratheon.
Edmure Tully: Only son and heir of Hoster Tully of Riverrun. Younger brother of Catelyn and Lysa Tully. Nephew of Brynden Tully.
Qyburn: Was once a maester of the Citadel but was stripped of his chain many years ago for conducting unethical medical experiments on living people.
Boy: This is another character I am of unsure of. It is speculated that he is meant to be Ramsay Snow. The bastard son of Roose Bolton.
Mirelle: Here is another character I am unsure of. Infact I have no clue at all who she is meant to be as there is no character in the books called Mirelle. I'll keep an eye out though and update if I find out.
Mance Raydar: I don't need to explain who this guy is. We've heard of him all last season and now we finally get to meet ''The King beyond the Wall''.
Kraznys mo Nakloz: Kraznys is a slave-trader in the city of Astapor, on the coast of Slavers Bay. He is extremely wealthy and has grown rich from trading and training Unsullied warrior-eunuchs (for anyone who doesn't know at this stage eunuchs are men who have been castrated).
Prendahl na Ghezn: Prendahl is a sellsword of Ghiscari decent. He serves as the commander of the Stormcrows, a noted mercenary company which fights for the highest bidder. 
Daario Naharis: Daario is a Tyroshi sellsword and is one of the three leaders of the company known as the Stormcrows. He is an accomplished warrior and commander.
Grey Worm: Is a member of the Unsullied warriors. Like all Unsullied he has never had a real name, instead choosing a name everyday by lottery from a barrel.

So far these are the only characters that have been announced. It is possible that more could be announced but filming has started since June so they might not announce any more either! We'll have to wait and see! 

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