Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Game of Thrones Quiz

Decided to do something a little more fun and interactive! So here is a Game of Thrones Quiz that I made up of questions found here, here and here, I changed some of them around though! Don't look for the answers before you do the quiz because that will only ruin the fun! 

Put your answers in the comments below and in a couple of day's I will post the answers to the Questions and we shall see who really know's the most about Game of Thrones! 

These questions are only based on the two series that have aired on tv. and stuff from the blogs.

I think most of them are pretty easy, though in saying that I've gotten a few simple ones wrong myself! 

Game of Thrones Quiz 
1. What is Arya's sword called?
2. Why was Eddard Stark killed? (I want the full reason, not just for treason)
In short he said Joffrey was born of Incest and wasn't the rightful heir to the throne.
3. What is the family symbol of House Tully?
Silver fish on a red and blue background
4. At the end of Season 2 Joffrey is King, but who is the rightful King of Westeros?
5. How did Talisa's brother nearly die?
He nearly drowned
6. Who was Daenerys father?
Aerys II Targaryen
7. Davos Seaworth is the son of a what? (What did his father do?)
8. What colour does shade of the evening turn your lips?
9. Who was the first character in Game of Thrones to die? 
Waymar Royce one of the rangers for the nights watch
10. What are the Worlds of House Baratheon?
Ours is the Fury
11. Who did Daenerys lock in the vault in Qarth?
Xaro Xaon Daxos and Jhiqui
12. What is Rickon's Direwolf called?
13. Who do the Red Priests pray to?
14. Where is Torren Square situated?
15. What did Daenerys name her son?
16. Which House holds the Trident?
17. How does Jaqen H'ghar kill Amory Lorch?
Poison Dart
18. Who is Renly in a relationship with in Season 1?
Loras Tyrell/The knight of Flowers
19. Name both of Joffrey's swords?
I forgot he has more than two but they were, Lions Tooth, Heart Eater and Widow Maker
20. What are the names of Rhaegar's murdered children?
Aegon and Rhaenys