Friday, 7 September 2012

Families of Westeros: House Arryn

House Arryn sigil is a white falcon volant and crescent moon on a blue field.

As high as Honor

Members of House Arryn
Jon Arryn, Lord of The Eeyrie, Defender of the Vale, Warden of The West, Hand of the King, deceased.
 -first wife Lady Jeyne of House Royce, died in childbed with stillborn child
 -second wife and cousin Lady Rowena, died of a winter chill, childless
 -third wife and widow Lady Lysa of House Tully
 -their son;
  -Robin, sickly boy now Lord of the Eeyrie and Defender of The Vale
 -their retainers and household;
  -Maester Colemon, counselor, healer and tutor
  -Ser Vardis Egen, captain of the guard, killed by Bronn during Tyrion's trial
  -Ser Brynden Tully, Knight of the Gate and Uncle to Lady Lysa
  -Lord Nestor Royce, High steward of the Vale
   -Ser Albar Royce, his son
   -Mya Stone, a bastard girl in his service
  -Lord Eon Hunter, suitor to Lady Lysa
  -Ser Lyn Corbray, suitor to Lady Lysa
   -Mychel Redfort, his squire
  -Lady Anya Waynwood, a widow
   -Ser Morton, her son, suitor to Lady Lysa
   -Ser Donnel, her son
  -Mord, a brutal gaoler

Principle Houses sworn to The Eeyrie

House Arryn

Where are they now?
-Lysa fled back to The Eeyrie after her husbands death/murder. 
-Robyn Arryn is with his mother in The Eeyrie.
-Mord, still gaoler of the Sky Cells

(Apologies for how short this one was, a very small family but they are important to the story)