Sunday, 19 July 2015

A Map of Westeros and Essos

Below is a map of Westeros and Essos. So you can get a better idea of where all these places are when I am talking about them! 

The Major Families of Game of Thrones and where they live:

House Stark - Winterfell

House Baratheon - Kings Landing
House Lannister - Casterly Rock
House Arryn - The Eeyrie
House Tyrell - High Garden  
House Tully - Riverun
The Nightswatch - The Wall
House Targaryen - Have no true home but travel around Essos.
House Tyrell - Highgarden
House Martell - Dorne

As we all know Daenerys has been on the move for most of the series. Here's a quick synopsis of where she's been and what she's done.

Warning: Some spoilers for those who haven't caught up with the series yet or are only beginning to watch.

Pentos - Norvos: Pentos is where we first meet Dany and her brother Viserys. They are living with Magister Illyrio Mopatis. Illyrio and Viserys arrange for Dany to marry Khal Drogo. After the wedding they then leave Pentos for the Dothraki City of Vaes Dothrak.
Norvos - Qohor: They pass through the free cities of Qohor and Norvos on their way to Vaes Dothrak
Qohor - Vaes Dothrak: When they reach Vaes Dothrak, Drogo and Daenerys spend a long period of time here. It is here that Daenerys finds she is with child and Viserys gets the golden crown he's wanted so much!!
Vaes Dothrak - Lhazar: Drogo then marches his khalasar to Lhazar where he plans to take slaves so he can sell them in Meereen for money for the invasion of Westeros. Clearly this doesn't work out as planned as Dany loses the baby and Drogo dies. It is just south of Lhazareen lands on the edge of the Red Waste that Dany hatches her dragons on Drogo's funeral pyre.
Lhazar - Vaes Tolorro: Dany then marches what is left of her khakasar across the Red Waste. After days and days of marching they find refuge in the abandoned city of Vaes Tolorro.
Vaes Tolorro - Qarth: After regrouping Dany marches on to Qarth where she faces some challenges but comes out on top with enough gold and treasures to help fund her invasion of Westeros. Upon leaving Qarth Dany and her followers board a ship to return to Pentos by Sea.
Qarth - Astapor
Astapor - Yunkai
Yunkai - Meereen: After boarding the ship Ser Jorah convinces Dany it would be a good idea to stop in slavers bay to buy an army of unsullied, and well we all know how this turned out. Dany got herself into a war that liberated thousands and thousands of slaves but also left many dead and slavers bay in destruction. After this Dany decides to remain in Meereen to learn how to rule efficiently.
Meereen - "Dragonstone": At the end of the last episode in Season 5 we see Dany ride off to safety on the back of her dragon Drogon. In the books she finds refuge on the hill Drogon has made his home and she names the hill "Dragonstone" in memory of her home. However in the TV series Dany does not remain on the hill and ventures away from it to gather her thoughts, we last see her being surrounded by a hoard of dothraki riders in a very large khalasar.